Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 5 report

Report for the week  21-6-10 to 28-6-10

A couple of major things got done.

*The driver now allows simultaneous access of all the PWMs (9/10/11). This is done by making multiple instances of the same driver and using a load time module parameter to specify which PWM signals have to be activated.

*The ioctl() calls have been setup properly and frequency/duty cycle changing can now be done via the these calls. This is a more consistent interface as compared to using echo on /dev/pwm* entries. Also the ioctl () calls make it very easy to add new functionalities. Also now each of the pwm (9/10/11) can have a unique frequency value which was not possible earlier.

*Made the lightning talk. It can be accessed at  .

*Added more instructions for using the driver.

* A bug is causing the /dev/pwm* nodes to not be deleted on unloading the module. A mock driver using the same code unloads properly on my linux PC. I have not yet been able to point what is causing this behaviour.This has to be fixed.

*Start making the motor control circuit.

*The going is smooth as of now, mainly due to support on the #beagle irc channel. Not much risk on the coding side.

*My circuits are mostly quick and dirty type, which just barely work. So the circuit making part will be a bit tough.

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