Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 3 report

Report for the week  7-6-10 to 14-6-10
This week was a bit slow due to some college project presentations, vivas, etc.

*Got the OE as well as the Code Sourcery toolchain setup.
*Got to test existing existing code . Instructions from the README for  patching the defconfig did not work out for me so instead just manually edited the defconfig and all went fine. Two things have to be changed to make the existing code work out for a Beagleboard.
         -Enable clock reset (CONFIG_OMAP_RESET_CLOCKS=y)
         -Set the CONFIG_OMAP_MBOX_FWK=m
*My fork of the above repo can be found here.

*Currently the module has to be reloaded to change the frequency of PWM.This is because it is being passed as a kernel parameter at load time. Will try and fix this.
*Only one PWM pin can be activated currently (PWM on pin 10). This will be fixed by making the PWM pin as a load time parameter.
*Make final tasks list for mid term evaluation and get working on it.

*Still very new to kernel programming, so will take longer for simple tasks.
*Too much world cup watching :)

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