Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Born to Run : Out of the box experience

I had been waiting with bated breath for couple of weeks to receive my BeagleBoard but was a bit sad when I learned that my shipment had been lost in transit.

A new shipment was created, through Digikey this time, and to my pleasant surprise the package arrived on time.
It was Fedex this time as compared to DHL the last time around.
Thanks Cathy for making the new shipment !!

I opened up the package and wow! I had not expected the Beagleboard to be this small and light!!.
My father could not believe this was a SBC.

I then powered it up and hooked it to my television with a S video cable and the vertical colour bars appeared.

But all was not well !!My plans of world domination were cut short by the BeagleBoard not giving out any data on the serial port. After a bit of discussion on IRC (#beagle) and using the hack suggested by drinkcat , a fellow Beagleboard GSOC participant, the problem was fixed.

It turns out that nothing was wrong with the beagleboard or the usb to serial converter which I was using. The IDC10-DB9 cable was wired the wrong way and a simple rewiring job was all that was needed.

Now I am serially controlling the beagleboard shell.
Onto setting up the development environment, building Angstrom, booting the BB from a memory card.
And not to forget world domination!!

TO DO: Post Pictures

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  1. Glad you rec'd the shipment in good condition and have things up and running!